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Privacy Policy

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Privacy is usually very important to swingers and people who live any kind of alternative lifestyle, and that is certainly no different here in Houston.  First, we assure you that we will never divulge any private information about any of our guests here at houstonswingers.org.  We will not post and pictures that identify you in any way, and most swingers clubs and swingers parties in Houston have a very strict no photography policy.  Sometimes private pictures are allowed to be taken but can only be posted with permission.

It is also one of the most important reasons that we love Kasidie.  They respect our privacy as much as we do and do not share our information for any reason at all!  Also, when you create your own profile on kasidie, you have every option to post discreet pictures without faces.  Kasidie also has a “private backstage pass” section where you can post private pictures.  These can be face pics or explicit and sexual pictures.  Many of them are extremely erotic!  This backstage pass area can ONLY be accessed by people that you have specifically granted a backstage pass.  On Kasidie, you can be as public or as private as you need to be!
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