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We are your every day couple next door and like most other Houston Swingers and swingers all over the great state of Texas, you would never know that we like to watch and enjoy each other having sex with others. It took a while for swinging, or “wife swapping” to really be accepted here in Texas and even today there are still some religious leaders or politicians that tryo to interfere with the Houston swingers community. Fortunately most of that has passed.

Houston swingers, Real swingers in Houston, Texas sexy swingers parties/></a></p> <p>Why can't people just focus on their own sexuality and not worry about what an open minded group of adults are doing behind closed doors?  We will never really understand the people who spend their time trying to control what other people enjoy sexually!  Even in today's times if you want to get involved in the Houston Swinger's Community, we wouldn't recommend taking out a personals ad in a public paper or even a public forum.  We strongly encourage you to join a private Online swingers community and as you probably know by now, our absolute favorite, especially here in Houston is <a href=

Even now, we wouldn’t recommend, nor would we post an ad in our local paper, or even in a public forum saying that we were swingers and interested in playing with others.  We strongly recommend joining a private online swingers site that CERTIFIES that their members are the real thing.  We want to be communicating with authentic swingers, not single males who have a fake profile.  Don’t get us wrong though.  We love communicating with the RIGHT single men who are who they say they are!  By now, you probably know that our undisputed #1 swingers dating and personals site is Kasidie.com. Kasidie is the fastest growing swingers community and now has more than 430 swingers parties listed nationwide every month. Some of the best and sexiest swingers get togethers are right here in the Houston area!

Get a free Elite Kasidie account here and see what you are missing!

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